Plasma TV Review

Plasma TV prices are getting almost human! Costco has a 42" plasma TV for under $3k! If you have ANY interest in the most awesome viewing experience you've ever had (and you do), it's time for you to seriously consider getting one for yourself (or two... since you'll be glued to yours and, no doubt others will want to watch something else ;-)

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Top 10 reasons you must have a Plasma Television

10) So you can throw your old TV off the roof and watch it explode when it hits the pavement

9) Envy of your friends who still try to brag about their room sized 32" projection TV

8) Let's you say "the plasma" instead of "the tube"

7) More room for socks on the floor

6) Reuse packing box to store the ugly Picasso that used to be where your beautiful plasma is

5) Enjoy the longer life now that you're not being bathed in CRT radiation

4) High definition view of "wardrobe malfunctions"

3) Basketball players don't seem as frighteningly tall if you don't switch out of 16:9 mode

2) Turned off and put on the ceiling, it's just like having a mirror, without seeming a loser who would have a mirror on the ceiling

And the number 1 reason you must have a plasma TV...

1) Wife just bought 400th pair of shoes, now it's your turn! (or Husband just bought season tickets for losing team... now it's YOUR turn!)